Doctor of Art Study program

Elements of original and new art can coexist and blend together and can become an important source of knowledge to recognize the continuity of Indonesian and even world art.

ISI Denpasar Host International Workshop ‘Matra-Manu-Citra’

Exploring "New Painting on Drawing" Photo: Rector of ISI Denpasar Prof. Dr. I Wayan 'Kun' Adnyana alongside Rector of ASWARA Malaysia Prof. Ts. Dr. Ruslan Abdul Rahim, Vice Rector of ASWARA Malaysia for Academic Affairs Prof. Madya Ts. Dr. Khairul Azril Ismail, and...


The Art Study Program Doctoral Program at ISI Denpasar is the only doctoral program study program located in Central and Eastern Indonesia, so it is very strategic for developing the study, creation and presentation of art equivalent to the level of the Nine IQF.


The infrastructure to support the learning process uses the Citta Kalangen building which is located on the south side of the ISI Denpasar Campus. This building is very representative to support the learning process which consists of six classes for learning rooms, libraries, courtrooms, lecturer rooms and education staff rooms.


The Art Study Program Doctoral Program at ISI Denpasar is in the Province of Bali which has unique arts and culture as a basis for developing education based on local culture.

Supporting Lecturer

ISI Denpasar has nine Professors who are competent in the field of arts and culture to support the learning process in the Art Study Program Doctoral Program at ISI Denpasar. Besides that, they also have human resources with doctoral qualifications in the position of associate professor.

Graduate Prospect

These experts can only be procured by establishing and strengthening institutions. This shows how urgent and strategic it is to promote art and culture in Indonesia through a three-level art education.


The Arts Study Doctoral Program that has an good accreditation from BAN-PT from BAN-PT which is valid from 16/02/2021 – 16/02/2026